The TF Exchange is the eCommerce sales division of TF Fulfillment.  Most fulfillment companies do not sell your products for you.  That is what makes us different.  We leverage the vendor agreements with our eCommerce partners and we do all the hard work for you.  After we coordinate the sales of your products, we process the orders via EDI and handle all the accounting.

Working with eCommerce in the United States and Canada involves many complicated processes that require constant attention.  TF Exchange has experience with over 50 eCommerce sites and we take over the entire process.  We receive your goods and pay you as they sell.  We do all the work to make it happen.

We are truly your eCommerce partners.  Our team will work with you to determine how to price your items as every item is different, and every retailer is different.  Some items must be offered to include free shipping, which raises your wholesale, but the retailer generally accepts lower margins recognizing shipping is included.

Data Management

Each site is a little different and requires data formatted uniquely to their needs.  We will obtain all the necessary data from you – Titles, UPC’s, images, … - and we will upload the data onto the websites to give you maximum visibility.

Inventory Management

We encourage our partners to work with TF Fulfillment for long term inventory and order fulfillment, but it is not necessary.  We request that 60 days of inventory is on hand at all times for eCommerce - one of our specialists will work with you to determine the appropriate amount to keep on-hand for each sku.  Our analysts will process orders and update the available inventory within each portal daily. 

 Order Processing (Electronic Data Interchange - EDI)

We have partnered with SPS Commerce for all of our EDI transactions and SAGE for our accounting, which are fully integrated.  So when a transaction occurs on a eCommerce site, we have the order seamlessly delivered and it is ready to ship.  Through the TF Exchange, we receive orders, confirm orders, send advanced shipping notifications, sending tracking information, and billing.  We handle it all.


Most .coms will require goods to be “drop-shipped.”  Drop-shipping simple means that the retailer never takes possession of your goods until the goods are sold.  As a supplier, you are required to ship one unit at a time to customers.  With the TF Exchange, all customer information is integrated into our system to generate shipping labels and packing lists.  With the TF Exchange we are able to ship packages directly to consumers very quickly.


We ship a lot of product.  The TF Exchange has negotiated discounts with USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex.  We will ship your packages more efficiently than most businesses can do on their own.  TF Logistics is a full-service freight management division that can coordinate in-bound containers from around the world; full-load and LTL shipments. 


We invoice the day we ship and we are generally paid within 30 days.  Our partners are paid within 45 days from the date of sale.

Consolidation – Shipping to Canada

We are currently working to consolidate drop-ship orders for US based suppliers and ship full trucks into Canada.  This is more efficient for eCommerce retailers based in Canada as consumers often receive their goods in 2 days of less.  For suppliers, the eCommerce partner pays for freight, duties, and taxes.  This is a new service we are working on.  Please ask your TF Exchange account manager for more details.

 Return Processing

When shipping direct to consumers, returns are inevitable.  The key to success is managing this process efficiently and cost effectively.  We work with our partners to determine if goods are truly damaged or can they be returned into sellable inventory.  If damaged, the goods will be removed from inventory and TF Exchange will work with you to liquidate the inventory through other channels.


There are a lot of variables associated with selling online, all of which need to be done well.  Poor performance can affect your report card, which affects your future ability to sell on-line.  Orders must be processed quickly – our goal is within 24 hours – and consumers must receive their orders in a timely manner.  Shipping from Indianapolis gives us, and you, a tremendous advantage:  50% of the populations in the United States and Canada can be reached in 1 day from Indiana.  75% of the populations in the United States and Canada can be reached in 1 ½ days.  Customers are happy to receive their orders quickly and it cost 20% - 40% less annually to ship from Indiana than from the coasts.

The TF Exchange team will work hard to place your items on proper eCommerce platforms.  We currently have vendor agreements with approximately 50 eCommerce companies in the USA and Canada.

We have relationships with all major eCommerce sites, including: